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Flybee Classico. Drive with style.

  Why is the Flybee Classico amazing?

Our Classico is a special selection of components, based on the one-of-a-kind Italian scooter design. Thanks to abundant availability of rigid, high-quality body parts from a Taizhou-based factory, this classical shape is presently experiencing an unprecedented revival. Our drive-train technology defines the character and performance of the scooter. We optimized the interplay between battery, controller, motor and sensors. While the shape of this scooter is available from numerous small manufacturers, our Flybee Classico is a special make that comes loaded with performance and features such as

  • Wifi Smart Access,  
  • App-Free Electronic Key Sharing,
  • Bluetooth LE Keyless Go (optional)
  • long-range option (up to 174 km)
  • maintenance-free drive train
  • Dual hydraulic disc brake (super-easy maintenance)
  • Energy Recuperation (charge while braking!)
  • extremely low carbon foot-print (10.2 g/km)

  Living La Dolce Vita.
On the Road. 

  Smart intelligence. Made for you.

Your Flybee is massive fun at many levels:

1. Rinding,

2. Its efficiency saves you money,

3. it protects our environment -

4. it gives you awesome ranges that are comparable to gas scooters: Even in the basic version, you get a true real range of about 50 Km (real-world scenario, NEDC, ECE15+EUDC). Technically, a maximum of almost 80 Km is possible (without stops @20 m/h). Ranges double to about 100 Km (NEDC) / 160 Km (theoretical max.) with our range option (with high power version ranges are comparable to our Flybee GTS).

  Removable Battery

Charge any time, anywhere. The safe, certified, ultra high performance lithium batteries are removable within seconds. Take the battery home or to your office to charge your scooter. Any 230V socket will do! Computer-controlled charger with smart features guarantees longevity of the battery and a safe charging experience (no memory effect, 80% within 3-4h, over-charge protection). 

Technical Measurements

Say good-bye to any VESPA. Meet Classico - the wolf in sheep's clothing 


  100 Km Real-Range*

Our range option, a range-doubling option for our Flybee Classico, offers real ranges of roughly 100 km (measured at constant 45-50 km/h speed, and calculated according to the NEDC, ECE15+EUDC measurement at 45 km/h). Check other scooters, and be aware of how ranges have been measured (have they?)

1 Battery = 80 km real range (@20 km/h) / 48 km (@ full speed)
2 Batteries = 160 km real range (@20 km/h) / 96 km (@ full speed)
Real Ranges based on Real Measurements

  9 Seconds Take-Off

Take-off with confidence from the pole position - Flybee Classico accelerates you from 0-45 km/h in <10 seconds, outperforming almost all gas scooters of its class!

  USB Fast Charge

No more empty phones: When riding your Flybee Classico scooter, you can fast-charge it while riding, placing it right under your seat, using the in-built USB fast-charge port. 

  Flybee Classico & your friends

A really comfortable, large seat allows you to pick up your friends and legally(!) take them along with ease, comfort and joy. 

  Retro-style Cockpit

The retro-style cockpit provides an authentic driving experience and offers information about the most relevant features (speed, distance and battery level as well as light signal indicators). 

   High Quality Battery

Safety first! Your battery contains 170 pieces of cost-efficient, electronically-managed, inherently safe cells. 

   Brushless Motor Designs

Flybee Classico features two options of extremely performant, maintenance-free drive trains, the eco version and the high power version.

  Regenerative Braking

Flybee Classico features regenerative braking and re-charges your battery every time you hit the brakes. Besides recuperating energy, it saves your brake discs.

  Unlimited Spare Parts

Although there is practically, when compared with traditional motorbikes, no "wearing parts", we will provide you with any spare part required - either for free or at a symbolic price.

  Maintenance Network

We have a large network of maintenance and support partners around Europe. In case your FLY does not 'fly' anymore, we are here to help and ready to connect you with the nearest support station.

Tech Specs

Optional Upgrades:

100 km real-range upgrade

Add a second battery to your Flybee CLASSICO and enjoy twice the range of the basic version.

Bluetooth LE Keyless Go

Flybee CLASSICO is smart: With our FLY Bluetooth LE Keyless Go device on board, your scooter unlocks automatically, as soon asn you approach it with your smart key in your pockets. It even flashes its lights and get ready to go. Hop on and ride. Walking away from the scooter and it locks again. 

WiFi Smart Key Sharing upgrade

With our FLY Wifi module your scooter gets electronic key sharing and keyless go functionality, as well as remote configurability via smartphone (iOS & Android).